Nile Cruise Packages

Our Nile cruise ships send you on a fascinating journey on one of the world’s most famous and beautiful rivers. The Nile, the true gem of Egypt represents a true source of life, fertility and wealth of the ancient world and today. Cruise the Nile and explore the mysteries of 7,000 years of ancient Egyptian history.

Our Nile cruise holidays combine top facilities, premium service and fantastic shore excursions between Luxor and Aswan and vice versa. Choose one of our cruise ship concepts with journeys from the cruise to the most important archaeological sites on the two sides of The Nile river banks. We will make your Egyptian Nile cruise an unforgettable experience. 

Enjoy the beautiful Nile valley scenery as you cruise down The Nile river on a 3-Nights / 4-days cruise from Aswan to Luxor or a 4-Nights / 5-days cruise from Luxor to Aswan. Visit the temples of Karnak, Edfu, and more. Explore the Valley of the Kings, and soak up the luxury on board our 5-star cruise boats.

Nile cruise in Lake Nasser, between Aswan and Abu Simbel are relatively high in prices, cause only 6 cruises working there, sometimes four of them only working and they are offer Ultimate Luxury cruises

1. Aswan-Luxor 3N/4D